Transformation. Vision. Belief.

Guest post from Melanie of Red Bridge Wellness, LLC and Flourish Community

It’s January AND it’s 2020.  A new decade. A new year. And a new season to dream, vision, and plan for what’s to come.  I’ve never been a big believer in resolutions. I’d seen way too many people, including me, abandon them after a few short weeks. 

What we are about? Transformation.

Transformation has to begin somewhere though.  From a desire to be better; from a desire for more–but not more stuff or more of the unsatisfying things.  More of the deep soul-filling, personhood growing things; those things that make you sleep well at night, knowing you put your whole self into your day.  The satisfaction that comes with growth and knowing you pushed yourself to new accomplishments today–even celebrating the smallest successes, because those compound over time.

Transformation continues when you keep at something, over time, especially when it’s hard.

And you know what drives that?  It’s not a resolution or even will power.  

It’s VISION; and it‘s BELIEF.  

Belief that you’ve been made for more and belief that you’re capable of more.  Because you ARE more than depression and overwhelm and frustration and boredom, (or insert _____ here).  

What we’d love to know is what do you envision for yourself this year?  What do you most want to see shift in your life? Believe for better for yourself, for your family, and begin seeing that vision.  See it, feel it, describe it.

Because what we believe drives what we do.  And what we do drives what we have.

So how will you start this year?  What will you dream for?

We’d like to challenge you to sit for five minutes–or however long it takes to get clarity–and craft a vision for your 2020.  If that’s too far in advance, craft a vision for your first half, or a vision for your January. But do yourself the honor of spending a few minutes now or later today and set your intention for this month.  

Here’s our challenge to you:  Once you’ve done that, WRITE it down.  Write it here. And revisit it everyday this month.  

We’d love to see what you come up with and and we’d love for you to update us on what you’re learning as you keep this vision front and center.  Have a list so long it’s overwhelming? No worries; us too. PICK ONE thing. The easiest, most attainable, the thing you have the most confidence in accomplishing and start there.

Let’s make your January amazing and we’ll help you keep that snowball rolling.

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