Food Matters | Apple, Kale, Pomegranate & Quinoa Salad

Kale is one of my favorite vegetables. It’s inexpensive (I typically pay less than $1.00 per pound) and can easily be found in the grocer all year long. In fact, the flavor is so much better in the cooler weather months. It can be enjoyed raw, steamed, baked or sautéed making very versatile ingredient to cook with.


What you eat matters and this recipe is loaded with great health benefits. Kale is a nutritional powerhouse. It’s rich in Vitamin K which helps regulate blood clotting and transport calcium throughout the body, and Vitamin A which helps maintain healthy vision and neurological function. Kale is a wonderful anti-oxidant food, rich in beta carotene and Vitamin C. This helps to fight off the free radicals from toxic exposure, strengthening the cells within the body.   Lastly, it’s the perfect vegetable to include during cold and flu season to boost the immune system.


Pomegranate is a beautiful fruit prevalent during the holiday season. The seeds are loaded with antioxidants to help fight free radicals associated with cancers. This fruit helps to maintain healthy blood circulation, reduce inflammation and boosts the immune system.