Food Matter | Summer Garden Chowder

During the summer months, I take a hiatus from soups to enjoy fresh salads, raw, plant-based food dishes and grilled meats. As summer ends, I love pulling out this Summer Garden Chowder recipe. It adds a new flavor dimension for the veggies still in bounty and awakens the memories of the crisp, fall days ahead.

What you eat matters…so let me draw your attention to a couple herbs in this dish that enhance your health.   Parsley is a good source of calcium, which is the most important mineral in our body.   Its commonly known that milk and dairy products contain high amounts of calcium, but don’t overlook this easy-to-grow garden herb. It contains as much calcium as apricots, kelp, sunflower seeds and sesame seeds!   Parsley is great for detoxification too. It supports the kidney and urinary system by increasing urinary output (also known as a diuretic). One more thing, it’s high in Vitamin C.

Next to salt, black pepper is most frequently used in meal preparation, especially here in the U.S. It’s used in cooking, freshly ground onto salads or other dishes. Black pepper has good minerals such as chromium, zinc, and selenium.   Just as with many other herbs, fresh ground allows for the best flavor punch and profile.   Black pepper seems to have a marriage to salt in many cultures, and rightly so. Food without salt can be tasteless. Salt is mined from the earth or taken from the sea. Himalayan pink salt or Sea Salt are my favorites. Both are loaded with nutrients essential to health and wellbeing.

Summer Garden Chowder has a satisfying crunch from the sautéed zucchini, onions and corn. The herbs elevate the flavor of these sautéed veggies. The coconut milk offers a creamy, delightful texture. You can pair this meal with a fresh green salad or a loaf of fresh baked bread.