Perfect Pairings – Food & Wine Sampling


6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Perfect pairings allows you to experience delicious and nutritious dishes paired with Scout & Cellar wine samples. You’ll enjoy learning about the history and flavor profiles of wine and how to best pair dishes to compliment and enhance your dining experience. Plan a date night with your spouse or gather a group of friends for a fun night of clean eating and wine sampling!

Scout & Cellar Wines are clean-crafted wines offering quality standards such as grapes grown with no synthetic pesticides, zero added chemicals, additives or sugar, low sulfites, and grown with farming methods that are sustainable, organic and or biodynamic. This event is co-hosted with Scout & Cellar Independent Wine Consultant, Connie Perney. Opportunities to order Scout & Cellar Wines will be presented during this event.


Registration for this event is a two-step process.  First, purchase your food pairing ticket by completing the information below.  This provides access to the event with food pairing.   A second registration is needed directly through Connie Perney (Independent Wine Consultant with Scout & Cellar).   This secures the wine sampling portion of the event.   The email address provided in this registration will be shared with Connie and she will contact you directly to process the payment.  Wine pairing is $25.

Please understand ONLY your email address will be shared with Connie, your payment information will not.

If you have further questions, please contact Chef Jeanne at 330-606-5857 or Connie at 216-408-9288.

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