Nutrition Boot Camp for Kids – Day 1


10:30 am - 1:30 pm

Good health starts with good nutrition.  This 3-Day Boot Camp allows students to explore the importance of eating healthy by learning the balance between Protein, Fat and Carbohydrates, how sugar affects the body and developing healthy eating habits.   They will develop skills such as how to read nutrition labels, plan a meal, prepare a full meal, proper knife skills and navigate a grocery store.   Each day includes learning time balanced with cooking experiences creating dishes that support what they are learning.   The last day of class each student create a meal either a Mexican meal or Italian meal to take home and enjoy with the family.


Day 1 – Learn about Macronutrients (Protein, Fats and Carbohydrates) and develop Knife Skills coupled with preparing a salad, guacamole and a smoothie.

Day 2 – Grocery Store Excursion to learn how to shop for whole foods and properly read a food label.  Students will meet at Giant Eagle in Wadsworth for a guided tour lead by Chef Jeanne.  Parents will need to drop off students to grocery store and transport them back to the Teaching Studio for the remainder of the class.  Today’s lesson finishes with Meal Planning Basics and creating Apple Cinnamon Bites as a light snack.

Day 3 – The Sugar Talk – learning how sugar effects our bodies and making food choices low in sugar followed by students preparing a full meal to take home.  They will choose between a Mexican or Italian meal that serves 4-6 people plus a dessert.

Students will receive a collection of recipes from boot camp, educational handouts and an apron.

Our Nutrition Boot Camp is gluten free (as everything we do in the Purposeful Eats Teaching Studio is gluten free).  Dairy free alternatives can be accommodated upon request.


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