Bone Broth 101


2:30 pm - 4:00 pm

There’s nothing better than enjoying a bowl of savory soup with homemade bone broth.  The rich flavor, texture and immune boosting properties will satisfy you from the inside out.  Do you know how to make bone broth?  If not this class is for you!

Join Kim from Selah Farms as she provides the detailed demonstration of the 3-stage process of creating bone broth from scratch.   You’ll discover how easy this is to make with just a pasture-raised chicken carcass, vegetables and simple seasonings.  Plus learn the importance of using pasture-raised meats, the amazing health benefits of this simple food and more.   Attendees will enjoy samples during class and receive a quart of bone broth to take home.

Class fee includes cooking demonstration, recipes, samples and a quart of bone broth.   Take home kits will be available for pre-order or purchase the day of the class which include a chicken carcass, aromatics and instructions to create one gallon of bone broth at home.   This add-on kit will be $25.

Registration for this event closes on Tuesday, 1/18 at 12pm.  Reserve your spot today!

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