Cooking Academy for Students – New Series

One of the favorite aspects of my business is cooking with students.   Not only are they excited to be in the kitchen, but they are full of life and adventure and willing to try new foods because they made it themselves.

Cooking is becoming a lost art.   I know my generation spends much less time  preparing meals than my mom and grandmother.   Our society is so fast paced that convenience foods and fast food meals trump a homemade dish most nights of the week.    Similarly, spending time at the dinner table as a family is decreasing too.  Everyone is on different schedules so “togetherness” is less and less of a priority.

I want to be a part of breaking that trend.

I want to bring kids and their families back into the kitchen, around the meal table, to establish the family bonding time.

To do that, I want to equip them with the tools to navigate the kitchen, to learn how to create simple or complex dishes that nourish their body and their soul.

My newest Cooking Academy series will explore World Cuisine.   In each class we will highlight a particular continent and country and create simple dishes that are delicious and whole food based.  Students will learn new cooking techniques, exploring new foods and enjoy sampling their recipes at the end of class.   Students ages 7-18 are invited to attend.

Space is limited for each class, so early registration is encouraged.

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It’s going to be a great time.  I hope to see your student there!