One of the reasons I love sharing with people about eating healthy is to dispel the thought that it’s too expensive to make the change.   Now, more than ever before, we have so many different resources to make eating healthy affordable on a budget.

I’ve participated with a food co-ops for years because I’ve found it provides the quality products I love from the retail stores but at a discounted cost.    When I came upon the opportunity to coordinate my own food co-op, I was thrilled!  I now have the ability to help offer quality products at discounted prices to my favorite audience…YOU!

Wholeshare provides thousands of products that are organic, GMO free, gluten free, dairy free, kosher, natural and soy free.   The order process is easy, the website is user friendly, you can purchase in bulk to receive a greater discount for the quantity or split an item with another member to get the great price but smaller quantity.   There are no membership fees, no minimum monthly orders, and I will offer you personal service all along the way as my commitment to you as the Coordinator.

Become a member today by joining my group and browsing the catalog!