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What is the Wellness Bar?

Taking care of our bodies involves being purposeful about what we eat.   The Wellness Bar has been crafted to provide beverages and food that support body balance, encourage wellness, and most importantly, taste amazing.  

We feature Rishi Organic Teas and Botanicals that offer an experience.  Uplift your soul with Earl Grey Supreme, Ruby Oolong, or Guayusa Cacao.  Support relaxation with Peppermint Sage, Valerian Dream or Chamomile Medley.  Experience vibrancy with Blueberry Hibiscus and Iced Wildberry Hibiscus.  Support the immune system with Elderberry Healer and Rishi Mushroom Hero.  Support digestion with Dandelion Detox.   Customized your selection for your day’s best experience. 

Our Specialty Beverages satisfy your thirst and excite your senses.  For those looking for a coffee alternative that holistically supports your health and energy, Rasa Original is packed with superherbs that ease stress but provide vital calm energy all day.   Our Hot Chocolate blend is rich and luxurious, made from allergen friendly chocolate and coconut sugar.   Matcha’s character is fresh and invigorating, offering high energy coupled with antioxidants.   Quench your thirst with the Strawberry Lemonade Chiller, Turmeric Tonic or Chia Chaga. 

The coffee lover will enjoy our organic coffee from local roaster Artisan Coffee Shop.   Enjoy drip coffee, a French Press or our Artisan Bullet Proof which features grass-fed butter and MCT oil.

Smoothies round out our beverage menu with an array of wellness benefits.   The Ginger Green Goddess offers immune support, detoxification and mineral balance.   Our Tropical Escape is a vitamin boost with digestive support.   The Chocolate Avocado Delight offers pure enjoyment.  Rich in antioxidants from quality chocolate paired with protein and a tad of sweetness, you’ll boost your metabolism and make your mouth happy.    Our vibrant Blueberry Spirulina Boost delights the senses, boosts your metabolism and supplies antioxidants. 

We also crafted beverages to enhance your visit to the Float Center, to encourage restoration and body balance following your appointment.  Look for the Float Center symbol next our menu items.

In the Wellness Bar, our selections match our philosophy of using nutrient-dense ingredients that are properly prepared, making healthy and delicious synonymous.   We specialize in supporting those with food restrictions using ingredients that are gluten free, dairy free and soy free.


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