I can’t believe a year ago this month my business was born.  It’s been such a rewarding year!   In December I began my first event with a Gathering – Holiday Desserts and then gradually added nutrition classes with topics covering Real Foods, Fermenting (both basic and advanced techniques), Meal Planning and Shopping, then a summer Cooking Academy for students.    I have met so many wonderful people along the way.   I now have a tribe of friends with the same desire to eat right and together we share our successes, failures and most importantly encouragement along the way.

So what new for this next year?   I’m working hard to add a few new classes to my schedule like Gluten-Free and Food Sensitivities and Bread Making.   The one I’m most excited about is Meal Planning and Freezer Meals.    This has been the most requested topic and I think it will become one of my favorite to teach.    My goal is to get these on the calendar before the years-end!