verb – grow or develop in a healthy or vigorous way, especially as the result of a particularly favorable environment.

This is what I aspire after. A woman growing, developing, as a result of the environment I live in, the people I am around, the choices that I make and the people that I impact. Every fiber of my being wants to flourish. I see it as the unique way that God has created me (and us). To be made in the image of the creator of the universe who out of nothing created this beautiful and amazing world we live in and is actively engaging me to have an intimate relationship where I know Him more and more. In this time of intimacy, I’m discovering my abilities, my talents, my unique gifts that can be used expressively to those I am around.

For years I have struggled to embrace this uniqueness. The mindset I chose to accept was I am not good enough, there is always someone who knows more and is better than I am. I believed I was the odd person out, different, strange. To be accepted I have to strive, to push hard, to find a way to stand out but not be weird. The energy and focus I gave to these awful lies was exhausting. It left me struggling to feel loved, accepted, normal. What is normal, that’s really the question I needed to ask, and who defines it? It left me with deep rooted insecurity. I am not beautiful. I am not lovable. I am not fun. I am not…like everyone else.

Out of a season of horrible pain and suffering I discovered something that I didn’t realize would become my greatest gift. My pain, heartache and emptiness lead me to discover the love of God in profound ways, which brought me into a deeper, more intimate relationship with Him and lead me to a place of restoration and healing in my heart and in my soul.

The growth following this was vigorous.

It is a blessing to have that season of pain and suffering behind me, but it has left its mark. It doesn’t define who I am today, but it has impacted the person I now am. It has allowed me to grow to the point where I see the uniqueness of who I am as a gift. I have a purpose in this world. I am a wife. I am a mom. I am a sister, aunt, friend, colleague, mentor, coach. My ability to understand nutrition and how it relates to our bodies is unique. My ability to cook, to alter recipes using nutrient-dense ingredients and keep the meal affordable is unique. My desire to share what I know to help support and encourage other moms is the way I can flourish.

Flourishing is developing in a healthy way as a result of the environment you are in. My favorite environment I can invite you to is to be a part of a community of women awakening to whole-life wellness. I want you to know, just as I have learned, that you are unique, you have a purpose and a plan while on this earth, you have amazing offering to share with others. I want you to feel confident, secure, loved, valued and esteemed.

I invite to you join me in Flourish.

Our community awakens on Monday, November 4th. We will connect weekly through live online video sessions and provide a wealth of resources and tools to help you be a woman successful on a whole-life wellness journey.

Registration is now open for Flourish, simple click on the Flourish logo below. I can’t wait to see you there!