Lunch + Learn – Selah Farms


12:30 pm - 1:30 pm

Do you know the farmer that sources your meat?    We do!  We’ve invited Selah Farms to come and share about their farm and why it’s important to know where your meat comes from.  Kim will share importance of properly-raised pastured meats from its fantastic nutrition profile to farming practices that support our environment and economy.

This event is free!   Lunch is available to order from our current menu.   Be sure to come early to order lunch and be ready before Kim begins her presentation.


Selah Farms believes in nurturing ecosystems and organic farming principles: no adding chemicals or pesticides, and limiting any foreign substance in our bodies. Our charge is to raise meats sustainably and how they were originally created to flourish, not just produce the highest yields in the shortest time for the highest profits. Their farm is located in Wooster, Ohio.  Find out more about them at


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