Did anyone ever tell you to “eat dirt”?

Did anyone ever tell you to “eat dirt”?   I have.  Twice.

My opinion has always been “God made dirt so dirt won’t hurt”.   Yet, I still constantly wash my hands and harp on my daughter to wash hers after playing outside.    Unfortunately,  it’s the clean freak in me.   It wasn’t until several years ago when I read a book by Jordan Rubin that opened by eyes to a new perspective of how the dirt God created is actually very nutritious, containing all the essential vitamins and nutrients we need to sustain life.    God created man out of dirt, didn’t he?

Please don’t get me wrong, I don’t go out to my back yard and add a teaspoon of good ole dirt to my daily meals.   However, this perspective has made me appreciate how important growing our own food is and buying from local farmers markets.   Food grown in our area helps replenish our bodies with the nutrients we may be lacking.

One of my favorite mentors and go-to resources for Health and Nutrition is Dr. Axe.   It was through him that I was again reminded to “eat dirt”.   This time the focus will be on one of my favorite subjects – gut health!   In just a few days, his new book “Eat Dirt” is available for purchase.   I’ve already reserved my copy, not only because I can’t wait to read what he has to say, but right now it also comes with $300 in bonus materials!

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