Change is in the air

This past year has been really eventful and I thought to take a minute to reconnect and share what’s unfolded as it leads to an some exciting changes as we head into an new year.    

Next month I will be celebrating my first wedding anniversary, which is super exciting.  I’ve married my best friend and experienced God taking a story of betrayal, heartbreak and pain and transforming it to healing, restoration and new beginnings.   I decided to take time off from my business to enjoy the blessings of married life and acclimate to a new home, new family members, and new routines.   I also took time to dream about what was next.   Interestingly that unfolded into two significant opportunities.  First the advancement of my culinary skills as a Chef for a local National Company and second, submitting a business proposal for a Café in a local Health & Wellness Facility.   Talk about dreaming big!   I’ve been tempted to ask God “are you sure?” but the last five years of my life have taught me that God is a big God and to keep trusting in Him even when it doesn’t make sense.    I’ve also spent time traveling, most recently to St. Albian, France as part of a desire to serve in global missions as a family with our church, Grace Medina East.    Eventful?  You betcha!  It’s the way I roll. 

That leads me to sharing with you something new and you get to be the first one to hear about it!  My passion in striving for better health is educating those around me.   After 20+ years of experience in food modifications to improve health issues coupled with education and further career advancement, I’m bursting with enthusiasm for the right opportunity and platform to share it.   In partnership with a dear friend and colleague, who also has been on a dramatic health journey, we are iniating a community that will come along side overwhelmed moms, helping them navigate through the craziness of eating healthy, preparing healthy meals, finding the right wellness mindsets to fit her busy life and help her to be the amazing woman she was created to be.    Motherhood is a tremendous blessing and gift.   It can and should be our most cherished responsibility and privilege but sadly, we’ve exchanged the joys and love with frustration, guilt, overwhelm and sadness which further deteriorates our health and vibrancy.   

Flourish is the opportunity for change and transformation. 

Flourish is that community where you can come as you and find a safe place to learn, grow, develop and…Flourish.  Do you desire to know how to better support your family with healthy meals and tasty recipes?  Flourish can do that.    Do you want to move beyond overwhelm and feel confident in your daily routines?   Flourish can do that.   Are you confused by the abundance of health information available and don’t know which fits best into your family?  Flourish will provide you the tools, techniques and mindset to know what is right for you and your family.    Flourish is designed to fit into your busy lifestyle with convenient, 20-minute weekly lessons giving you meaningful and practical health knowledge.  Flourish will provide live cooking demos and recipes for you to implement into your week, live Q & A sessions to tackle your pressing questions, monthly personalized online coaching sessions with two health coaches at no additional charge. 

Flourish will help you succeed as a woman.   

Education is key but action leads to forward progress.  We have built into our community momentum moments to challenge you to implement action into your week and hold you accountable in the process.   Flourish values your courage and ambition and will always celebrate with you in your successes and lovingly guide you in your frustrations.

I am very excited for this new adventure with the Flourish Community!   I firmly believe when we are eating what is best for our bodies and living to thrive (not just survive), we are able to be the person that God created us to be and be most useful for His purpose and plan. 

I invite you to consider being a part of Flourish.  Do you know another mom who needs to know she has value and worth?  I invite you to share Flourish with her too – together let’s jump into the thriving life God wants for us.      Flourish is just days away from launching a beta group, so stayed tuned to your social media platforms for all the details!    

There you have it!  Thanks for letting me share the fun news in my life.  I’m excited for what’s ahead and I look forward to revealing more to you in just a few more days.  In the meantime I am adding events onto my calendar along with blog posts and recipes.   I’m so ready to get back into action and share with you all I’ve learned over this past year of growth.     How are you?  I would love to hear from you to know what you are up to and how you are doing.  Email me or message me and let’s start a conversation. 

Photo by Chris Lawton on Unsplash