The Carbohydrate Fix

In our last discussion we talked about the crazy need we have for carbohydrate consumption during seasons of stress.   It’s our bodies natural response to the sympathetic function we are living in.   The amount of energy needed to support the heightened alertness results in a greater need for calories.   The quick fix for calorie intake […]

I just want to EAT!

Let’s be honest…being home has its blessings, but it offers unlimited access to the kitchen.   During this time of dramatic changes, uncertainty and elevated stress, our subconscious mind is looking for ways to have control.   Combine the desire for control with unlimited access to the kitchen and the result is the intense urge to EAT!   […]

5 Simple Steps to Boost Immunity

Everyday we are inundated with germs. Today is no different than yesterday or last month or last year. You can help to boost your immune system today and every day through these 5 simple steps: 1) Use food as medicine.The image shares the foods that help support your immune system. Work to incorporate at least […]

ReFresh is 6-session WHOLE person wellness program focused on YOU. We’ll look at food and lifestyle factors such as stress perception, behavioral change, and the importance of eating for wellness. What we won’t be solely focusing on? Weight. Because you are more than a number on a scale. Instead, we’ll be focusing on YOU and […]

The Crux of Cooking

During these cold winter months there are few dishes more satisfying than a hot bowl of soup to warm us from the inside out.   Most soups begin with a broth or stock base, a humble base of meat and bones, carrots, celery, parsley and lots of time.  Upon hours of simmering what you have is […]

A place to belong

As a mom, you have a lot on your plate. You struggle–maybe daily–to feel adequate, equipped, and confident that you are doing this awesome job well (you are). Because you’re human, a huge component of your day revolves around food–or food prep. You (& the family!) need to eat in order to survive. Convenience is […]

Change is in the air

This past year has been really eventful and I thought to take a minute to reconnect and share what’s unfolded as it leads to an some exciting changes as we head into an new year.     Next month I will be celebrating my first wedding anniversary, which is super exciting.  I’ve married my best friend […]

Winter Comfort Food

Hosting friends for dinner this week inspired me to serve a comfort food meal that was easy to prepare and delicious.  My day was filled with appointments so I decided to go with a crock pot recipe for the main dish, accompanied by two side dishes that could be made in the oven.   I substituted […]


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