My story

Hi! I’m Jeanne Givelekian, a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Holistic Chef. What you eat matters and I am passionate about helping others improve their health and wellbeing by making wise and healthy food choices while developing cooking skills and confidence in the kitchen.   

My passion and respect for real food began over in my early twenties I came face to face with some major health issues.   I was in constant pain and the recommended pharmaceuticals provided a temporary band-aid for the symptoms but was void of a solution to the problem.  I decided there had to be more than just surviving each day, so I dove headfirst into learning more about my ongoing health concerns.

This is where I began to learn about food and discover its effects on my body.   I included more fresh raw fruits, vegetables, whole grains and quality meats.  I excluded artificial food products, processed foods, additives, and preservatives.  With these changes I experienced significant health improvements.   I developed my cooking skills and learned how to grocery shop for quality foods and ingredients while adhering to my budget.   When issues with my thyroid surfaced, I was suspicious of another food and health correlation.  Through a food elimination process, I discovered I had a gluten intolerance and immediately made the necessary dietary changes. 

After years of reading and research, I pursued training through the Nutritional Therapy Association.   This foundation constantly challenges me to expand my knowledge of food, research the health benefits, and perfect preparation and cooking techniques. As the Founder and CEO of Purposeful Eats, LLC, I’ve had the privilege of working with several clients as a Private Personal Chef, in a medical practice as a Holistic Nutritional Specialist, and in a corporate setting as a Chef implementing my holistic cooking style.  All these experiences contributed to the inspiration for opening the Purposeful Eats Teaching Studio + Wellness Bar.  My passion for food and nutrition is now shared in one location offering unlimited opportunities for cooking classes, personalized cooking coaching and special events available to adults and students.

Away from the kitchen life is joyously full!   I’m married to my best friend Keith and we share a love for food, travel, walking, biking, being outdoors and hot, sunny weather.   We have 3 children, spanning middle school to high school, and our days are filled with family, entertaining friends and serving at church.  

Core Beliefs


Cooking shouldn’t be an interruption to life, seen as drudgery or duty; it should be enjoyed expressing hospitality, kindness, love, and connection.  Simplicity with kitchen tasks should be established and embraced.   When food failures happen, it’s the opportunity that opens doors to a successful dish.  


Food is a catalyst for connection, bringing people of all ages together. Mealtime isn’t just about eating, it’s an experience of the senses to bring about pleasure, delight, and satisfaction.  


Kids belong in the kitchen. You’re never too young, or too old, to learn to cook.  


Life is about thriving not surviving.  We were created for a purpose, using our gifts and talents to make a difference in our world.   We need to properly care for our bodies to allow us live out that purpose with vigor.  Our body has the amazing ability to heal when we make wise and healthy food choices coupled with lifestyle and mindset practices.  


God gave us food to enjoy and eating is an expression of that gift.  There’s a world of flavors, textures, and combinations waiting to be experienced.   


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