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As a mom, you have a lot on your plate. You struggle–maybe daily–to feel adequate, equipped, and confident that you are doing this awesome job well (you are). Because you’re human, a huge component of your day revolves around food–or food prep. You (& the family!) need to eat in order to survive. Convenience is prioritized over quality. And though you feel educated on healthy meals, it takes a lot of effort to find recipes you and the family will like, which means ingredients that are easy to find and meals that won’t take hours in the kitchen.   Oh and they have to taste good, too–even to the pickiest food connoisseur.

Exhaustion? Check. Extra pounds? Check. That ice cream and cookies have just been so easily accessible and emotionally satisfying.   Exercise is great in theory but doesn’t fit into your daily routine, in fact, let’s table it until tomorrow. And maybe even the day after tomorrow. You’ve talked to your doctor about the frustrations of exhaustion, weight gain, days throughout the month that you just struggle to be happy. You’ve developed a short temper, of which your not proud of. Marital intimacy is waning because after giving out all day there’s nothing left to expend.

Flourish was developed by moms for moms. We’ve been there. And we’re here to  help you navigate the constant struggles and expectations of motherhood, specifically regarding health, food, and wholeness.  Developed by two women dedicated holistic coaching and cooking, Flourish brings you weekly inspiration on topics such as: health, food, easy meals, and recipes to explore and try.  And because functional wellness focuses on the whole individual, lifestyle and mindset strategies are also included.

Flourish is a community to provide YOU a place to belong and encouragement to know you are not alone in your motherhood journey.   Our Membership Program provides weekly inspirations easy to understand, digestible health and nutrition education in a web-based platform that is accessible live or offline when the time is convenient for you.  You’ll be invited into our private Facebook page to keep you connected to the Flourish Community.  

As a mom we want you to feel WHOLE and strong–mentally, physically, and emotionally.

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